UK H2Mobility

The UK H2Mobility coalition is a grouping of stakeholders in the roll-out of a hydrogen mobility system for the UK. The partners are focussed on working together to begin the introduction of hydrogen refuelling stations and fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs) to UK roads.

About the Project

UK H2Mobility is a collaborative project evaluating the potential for hydrogen FCEVs to provide environmental and economic benefits to the UK. The project brings together industrial participants from the fuel cell technology, energy utility, industry gases, fuel retail and global car manufacturing sectors together with a European public-private partnership, three UK Government Departments, the Devolved Administrations and the Greater London Assembly to develop a business case and strategic plan for the commercial roll-out of the technology from 2015.

The Need for Change

The UK has a legally binding carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050, with transport expected to be required to decarbonise by up to 90%. The car is an integral part of personal mobility and action is needed to identify technologies that will be able to deliver the required carbon savings with minimal impact to the driver in terms of functionality or convenience.

UK H2Mobility is evaluating the potential for hydrogen to contribute to the decarbonisation of road transport, as well as the opportunities that can be derived from being a leading global player in the development, demonstration, manufacturing and use of new technologies. This project is looking at the hurdles that may need to be overcome and the investments likely to be required to make the UK a leading global player, and in turn setting out a roadmap to commercialise hydrogen FCEVs in the UK from 2015.


UK H2Mobility completed the evaluation phase at the end of 2012 and has published its key findings which outline options for a potential roll-out of hydrogen FCEVs to consumers. The second phase of work, the development of a detailed business case, began in March 2013. Subsequent phases of planning and implemention are expected to take place during 2014.

UK H2Mobility Project Timeframe