UK H2Mobility

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Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

The UK Government is committed to supporting the transition to Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs) and to securing the benefits that will flow from this in the short, medium and long term.

The Government aims to both stimulate and accommodate the expected growth in ULEVs. Funding of £400m has been made available over the lifetime of this Parliament to do this, including support for the purchase of eligible vehicles and the installation of recharging points throughout the UK. In addition, a programme of research and development is supporting the advancement of this new generation of vehicles and helping embed ULEV-related skills and knowledge in the UK.

The transition to ultra-low emission vehicles has already begun. It has the potential to create really significant new economic opportunities for the UK, to diversify national energy supply and to decarbonise road transport. Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles can make a significant contribution to this.

UK H2Mobility recognises the importance of prompt action to ensure the potential benefits are realised by businesses and consumers in the UK.

Michael Fallon Business and Energy Minister