UK H2Mobility



Honda is a Japanese company with its European Headquarters in the UK. A leading car, motorcycle and power equipment producer worldwide, Honda is renowned for its engineering excellence, product innovation and performance.

Honda views hydrogen as a high-potential, next-generation energy carrier considering that hydrogen can be generated from various energy sources and is easily transportable and storable. Based on this view, Honda has been positioning the FCV – which uses electricity generated through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen from air as a power source for the electric motor – as the ultimate environmentally responsible vehicle and taking a proactive approach to the research and development of FCVs since the late 1980s.

“For more than two decades, Honda engineers have worked to advance fuel cell technology with a strong focus on gaining real-world experience. We have done this by placing our vehicles in the hands of regular customers in countries around the world. We are keen to develop this initiative in the UK, through the UK H2Mobility Programme.”

Ian Howells Senior Vice President, Honda Motor Europe