UK H2Mobility

Fuel Cell © Jonson Matthey

Johnson Matthey

Johnson Matthey is a leading speciality chemicals company underpinned by science, technology and our people.

A leader in sustainable technologies, we focus on clean air, clean energy and low-carbon technologies and are experts in the application and recycling of precious metals.

Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells is a global business dedicated to the supply of high-quality fuel cell components and backed by full research and development efforts. Fuel cells were first demonstrated in the 1830s when Sir William Grove used hydrogen to generate an electric current with the help of a platinum catalyst supplied by Johnson Matthey. In the early 1990s, Johnson Matthey began intense research and development efforts in PEM fuel cells, specifically fuel cell components. Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells’ MEA manufacturing facility in Swindon, UK was completed in 2003. This purpose-built facility uses state-of-the-art, flexible manufacturing methods to produce large volumes of fuel cell components for the hydrogen and methanol-fuelled systems.

The UK will derive great benefits if it can become an early market for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).  The UK H2Mobility project is crucial to realising that potential.

Joe Stevenson Market Development Director, Clean Energy Technologies, Johnson Matthey